Be a star of your day with Purpose!

Very recently, I was in conversations and she prompted a question at me “Apart from relentless recruiter follow-up, what prompted you to pick up the phone call?”. It prompted me to pause. After gathering my thoughts for a few minutes, we ended up having a really great conversations on various “things”. After that discussion, literally our day-to-day chores took over along with the exciting possibility of a new beginning and the relocation work that came with it.

As we were in the throws of that, my 4-year old was going to be having his last day at his day-care. Both me and my wife were in the family room with our coffee and heard our fella wake up and were expecting him to walk down into our arms for our morning routine. He would come up to us and after a whole lot of cuddling, cozying, kisses, hugs, and good mornings, he would actually “wake up”. Then the actual routine of motivating him to go to school began and repetitions to brush teeth, get ready, wear your shoes, do your hair, put your stuff in laundry, so on and so forth. That wasn’t meant to be today!

We heard him wake up, then his step stool being dragged in the bathroom, faucet being turned on, water dripping and running for a bit. We both assumed there was probably an accident – so went up to help him. Much to our surprise, he was getting ready to go to school. After positively reinforcing the behavior, we told him we expecting him downstairs but came up to give him our expressions of love. His response back to us was “I am going to be the star of the day today at school Daddy. I am going to be the line leader, sit in the center at circle time, and a few other responsibilities and was going to be a good guy all day.” Usually, it was Daddy or Mommy’s turn to remind a few good behaviors on the way to School but today was different. He was going to be ready before time with no scramble, we were just going to drive him to School in no hurry, and he was going to be well prepared for his circle time duties. The day went on and I got to hear all the great things about that day towards the evening.

Suddenly, this single moment cleared up a lot of clog in the head. My “Heart” had found a way to articulate to my “Mind” the exact reason as to “Why I picked up the recruiter call?” There was one thing that separated my boy’s day at School – “Purpose”. The “Purpose” of being the “Star of the Day” made his same tasks a lot of more exciting. It motivated him tremendously. Dad’s case at his “School” was no different and it was time to move on!

In almost every career conversation or product conversation, I have begun conversation by asking the Purpose. It begins a discovery process that begins unravel “what is actually eating you up inside?” and helps you find solutions that are aligned with your purpose. The purpose begins to move your inner self through a soul-searching experience. So do a favor to yourself. Answer these four questions today:

  1. What is your purpose?

  2. How are you living it everyday?

  3. What needs to change for that alignment?

  4. What are you going to do about it?

I hope you have a spring in yourself and you end up becoming the “Star of your day”.

#Leadership #Purpose

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