Daddy talk to mom about the sale - A powerful lesson in communication

We stepped out of Ashley's furniture store. Me and my 8-year old were driving back home.

Me: I like the sofa. Just imagine the new sofa, side table, tea-table, and our current carpet, wall-color, and curtain - its going to be fabulous. As soon as we get home, I am going to tell Mumma this and we will come back to the store and by

Son: Daddy! did you keep the sale paper (a pamphlet) they gave us as soon as we walked in

Me: Yes! It's in my jacket but why do you ask?

Son:Well when we get home don't tell Mumma what you just told me. Tell her there is a 72-hour sale which ends tonight and we get 30% off on furniture that you and I liked the most!

Me: Okay?

Son: Daddy! you always imagine and think about what it can be. Mumma likes the sales, deals, and coupons. So if you start with the sale, she will come us to the store and then she will like it!

Me: Great Idea. You should talk up the furniture and I will talk up the furniture and the deal!

At this point, I almost bit my tongue. As a dad, somewhere in the corner of my mind, I was petrified a bit. Should I be happy about the influencing skills or be cautious of being manipulated?

Irrespective, this anecdote was a very profound moment. Be it a 3-member family or a 5000 member organization or a multi-million dollar marketing campaign - understanding other person's vantage, intent and interests are key to winning the other person's heart and mind. My 8-year old just reinforced that.

I debated writing about this for a week. This isn't a profound post but it had a powerful learning moment that many of us can relate to! So I decided to write it. Next time, you are up and about thinking about communication - just remember to personalize!

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