Top Skills for a Data Scientist Job

In the recent past, I have had lot of discussions around changing job-landscape, resources up-skilling/cross-skilling, key capabilities a company needs for digital transformation, and others.

I started down this path as a hobby and set myself a target of building a small MVP/may be even an Alpha version where I can automatically analyze a few job postings and parse out the key skills.

That turned into a sort of obsession.Soon I had a sample set of 76 data scientist jobs, ran Natural Language Processing (NLP) on it, looked at patterns, created a custom Named Entity Recognition (NER) model, trained it all using Google ML, all stored in Google Big Query, created a bunch of Python Flask APIs, and build a React JS front-end to show case all that data.

The result is this model can now recognize 200 different skills and classify Tech Stacks, Leadership Skills, and Job Specific Skills.

Listed below are the top 10 tech stacks:

  1. Python

  2. R

  3. SQL

  4. Spark

  5. Hadoop

  6. AWS

  7. SAS

  8. Java

  9. Tableau

  10. Scala

Listed below are the top 10 job-specific skills:

  1. Machine Learning or ML

  2. Data Analysis

  3. Data Engineering

  4. Big Data

  5. Learning Models

  6. Deep Learning

  7. Time Series

  8. Product Engineering

  9. Predictive Modeling

  10. Software Development

Listed below are the top 5 leadership skills:

  1. Collaboration

  2. Communication

  3. Influence

  4. Problem Solving

  5. Team Player

I am continuing to improve it (data set, models, skill sets etc.). In addition, mapping things like ML=Machine Learning and mapping various iterations of leadership skills to a master skill.

You can check out the live version of this tool at this link.

Let me know what you all think and share additional jobs that you would be interested in learning about.

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