What is your position of strength?

Don’t do a lot things and pick a few things and do them really well” – I have heard many people say that and each time I hear, the inner me chuckles sarcastically and relates you really don’t have an idea of my life do you? Over the years, there are at least three occasions that shapes my thinking around a position of strength.

  1. It was a squabble as a child and probably my first street fight. We had just won a cricket match and I started egging the other kids who lost. Not knowing how to burst my bubble, they pointed out that “I have never seen my dad“. All of a sudden my perfect armor was breached and a kink identified. My only come back was a street fight. A lot of drama ensued that evening – entire colony was complaining to my mom, she lost her cool on me, disciplined me the Indian way, and broke down herself. As things began settle down, she pulled me aside and said – “the world just dragged you down from your position of strength and you caved. Your position of strength was the sport and winning but you moved away from it got caught in the muck (egging others, then reverting with a street fight). If you stayed true to your position of strength, you would have taken the high road.

  2. Fast forward, I had my own child. As I was cherishing the moment, one thing stood out. This little guy who was probably an hour into the world knew two things – 1) How to cry when he is hungry? & 2) How to recognize when milk is in the near vicinity. At a moment when he didn’t know a whole lot about the world, he gravitated towards his position of strength to fulfill his basic needs – cry for help and get food. It was his position of strength. Over time that continues to evolve to saying “No”, finding independence, to exploring things on his own. It is no different than how we all treat ourselves in atmospheres that are totally strange to us.

  3. Two other situations occurred – 1) my health deteriorated & 2)my job was at stake just about when my wife was expecting. In both of these circumstances, I found myself gravitating to my position of strength. In the first instance, very paranoid of my inability to return to work – I decided to use the sick time to upgrade my technical skills to program Apps and in the second instances, I dedicated time between interviews to writing Apps. I stepped back and said – “I am playing to my position of strength and finding comfort & confidence there“.

Reflect on your own life and circumstances – chances are that in times of need (or) even when an opportunity presented you always navigated to that core position of strength. It could be relationship management, sales, technology, bio-med, using machine tools, customer service, hospitality, and just about anything. If you know your core position of strength, reflect & evaluate – are you the best with it (or) are you delivering a great value to all around you. If you don’t yet know it – reflect & discover it yourself, build it, and play from your position of strength.

What do you think is your position of strength?


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