In the last 20 years of my career, I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of products. In addition, I have created things on my own personal time as well. Below is a sampling of those initiatives!

Digital Revolution

VP Digital Transformation, Kraft Heinz

Reimagining an end-to-end digital transformation strategy for Kraft Heinz. Bringing digital solutions to unlock transformation of marketing, supply chain, sales, manufacturing, revenue and trade management, and much more. Building our digital talent hub with 100+ employees.


Just can't publicly write about it yet!

Digital social media

FabFam iOS/Android App


Just for fun, I created a iOS, Android App using React Native, Firebase, and other GCP components. The app allows families to have shared lists, calendars, tasks, shopping items, recipes, meal plans and more. With almost zero investment, the app has 1800+ users, with 10%+ retention past 6 weeks. All of this was via organic growth powered by effective SEO.

Family Using a Tablet



Just for fun, I created a Named Entity Recognition engine on Google Cloud/Big Query using Python Flask. It includes a skill dictionary derived from a lot of job descriptions, an AutoML annotation engine, and predicts skills needed by job. You can get to it from the menu on this blog!

Man Reaching Star

Meal Hero

VP Digital Innovation, Kraft Heinz

Led the acquisition of a startup called Wellio in California, grew the team from 9 to 30, accelerated a AI Powered Food Intelligence engine that could take a recipe, break it into SKUs, and power a eCommerce transaction. Built Meal Hero - a personalized meal planning app, and established partnerships with retailers. You can simply call it the Netflix for food!

Asian Meal


VP Digital Innovation, Kraft Heinz

Rebuilt the 3rd largest CPG recipe platform on an eCommerce platform called Skava fully automated and integrated into the broader eCommerce systems - DAM, PIM, Bazaar Voice, and others. Overhauled the SEO strategy. Improved the load time from 30s to 6s, employed data-driven marketing approaches to achieve 1Bn impressions, 20MM registered  consumers, and reduced the cost by $2MM. There is more to this story!

Family Breakfast